Kathleen Smith


Kathleen Smith shares her experience regarding the three miscarriages she experienced. The trials and emotional changes, the feelings experienced when being around other pregnant woman after having had a miscarriage, how turning to God got her through them, and more. Kathleen, a mother of three and entering her sixteenth year of marriage, relates her personal feelings and emotions. As you read the book you will experience a conversation with Kathleen about this topic, and learn how one woman dealt and struggled with this topic.

“Marriages and Miscarriages” is available in print from Lulu.com and in digital format from Amazon for the “Kindle” and “Kindle App”

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More information, including updates and excerpts are available on the Marriages & Miscarriages: One Woman’s Pesonal Experience Facebook page.


Author of Marriages And Miscarriages: One Woman’s Personal Experience