BOOK REVIEW of The Snow Globe

This post will be my second book review. And I hope I do a good job with it. If you read my blog book review of “The Amish Firefighter” you might remember I let my readers know I’m not good at sharing my thoughts about books I like. But I’m going to try again because that’s how much I loved reading The Snow Globe.

The Snow Globe is the second book by author Laura V. Hilton that I’ve read and I absolutely loved it. This book was hard to put down, but sometimes you need to put a book down so you can do the cleaning or driving.

I loved this book from the first page to the last page. In fact I didn’t want this story to end it was that good! I love that this author is able to write a romantic scene with just enough of everything to make the reader want more and then she starts a different conversation in her books with other characters.

I loved reading The Snow Globe and I loved reading about the two main characters Esther and Viktor. I also love the way this author is able to put God’s plan of Salvation into her books and how she lets her characters see God and love God with their hearts.

This book had me wondering from page to page how things were going to work out for Esther and Viktor. It had me loving Viktor’s grandparents and so much more.

I’ve even been picking up on words that this author used in her books from her – Glossary of Amish Terms and Phrases – and I’ve been using them myself when I talk with my husband. Words or phrases like: ain’t so ( a phrase commonly used at the end of a sentence to invite agreement ) or – wunderbaar ( wonderful ).  My husband tends to smile or chuckle at me when I do this, but that’s ok cause I know he loves me and I’m loving these Amish books.

The first “Amish of Jamesport” book from this author I read was The Amish Firefighter which was really good. Although I have to say I love the one I just finished more The Snow Globe. My next book by Laura will be The Post Card. I’m sure I will like that one just as much as these two.

Okay, so I hope what I wrote above is good enough to make you want to read The Snow Globe. I know I really enjoyed it. The romance between Esther and Viktor really wowed me. I’m not quite sure why, but it did. It’s like this author knows the exact amount of everything to give to her readers to satisfy them and yet they want more.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone and I hope after reading this blog post/book review you will get a copy and find out for yourselves how good of a book The Snow Globe is!

  • Paula Osborne

    thanks for sharing your thoughts, I have read this author before but not this book.I look forward to meeting these characters too. That is what a book is about to me characters and how they live life. Laura does a good job researching the area they are in and making it come to life for us as we read.

    • Kathleen

      Amen! I would love to see The Snow Globe turned into a HallMark movie, I loved it that much! Thanks for your comment.