Getting Back to Reality

Getting back to reality is far from easy after spending a week and a half in England and France. But getting back to reality and our normal routines is what my husband, youngest daughter and I had to do.

We got back home late Sunday night, April 2nd. Monday morning my husband and I woke up at our normal times. He went to work and I did my exercises and got back to taking care of our family and house. Our little girl on the other hand was out like a light so we let her sleep for as long as she needed to.

By Monday night my husband and I were feeling the jet lag, but we still needed to get some food for our house. So we went to the store when he got home from work and bought food. We came home, had supper and watched some TV. By seven O’Clock that night we were both exhausted. By eight O’Clock we were in bed and by nine thirty we were sleeping.

We had our alarms set for our normal times on Tuesday morning. When they went off we were both tired and pretty much ignored them. I decided exercise for that morning wasn’t happening. Sleep was way more important. I know my husbands body was thinking the same thing.

All day Tuesday I pretty much had to push myself to do anything around the house. All I can say for jet lag is, it isn’t any fun. Getting back to normal hasn’t been easy for me. Getting back to cleaning the house, promoting my blog and books and all that stuff. Although I have to say I did check my book sales once while I was on vacation. To my surprise I had a couple of book sales and I wasn’t even promoting them. So thank you to who ever bought copies of my books.

I’ve also noticed my stomach doesn’t like American food after a week and a half’s worth of English and French food.

I actually miss that food so much that I am trying to eat like I did there. When there we ate mostly fresh foods. That was a nice tasty change from what we normally eat here in NY.