Get Your Clothes Fix with Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a clothing company that sends women a bunch of different styles of clothes in a box straight to their homes. It’s pretty easy to do too. You set up a profile with them. Give them your clothes size and tell them a little bit about yourself. Things like what you would wear, your style preference, your likes and dislikes. I think you got the idea.

The first time I heard about Stitch Fix was on FaceBook. I didn’t think too much about it at first. I thought “Oh that’s nice” and left it at that. Then I saw an advertisement for them go through my FaceBook feed and saw an outfit that I liked. That’s when I talked with my husband about it and we agreed to give it a try.

The first box I received from them came with a couple of tops, a pair of jeans and a jacket. The jacket I liked but not the color. The tops I didn’t like. The jeans I loved. They were a bit big around my waist, but I knew a belt would take care of that. I kept the jeans and sent everything else back. They give you a stylist that you can provide feedback to. I told her what I like and dislike.

Between that box and my next box I was doing a lot of exercising and ended up loosing some weight and did some major toning around my waist. This meant my jeans were getting seriously loose around my waist. So I asked for another pair of the jeans they sent me in a smaller size.

So in the next box I got the jeans and a cool sweater top that I really like. Everything else I sent back. The box after that I had asked for a black maxi skirt that I was in need of. Sadly that next box was disappointing for me. I did get some skirts, but not what I asked for. I also received some tops, but they weren’t my taste. With the exception of one top that I kept.

I am extremely picky with the clothes I wear and the colors. Just ask my husband, he’ll tell you. I won’t wear form-fitting tight dresses and I won’t wear any dresses or skirts that go above my knee. Nor will I wear any cleavage or see through clothing.

I was sad that the last Stitch Fix box didn’t do anything for me, but I figured not a big deal, I will try them again.

My next box came this weekend and I was excited to see what they sent me. There was a note in the box letting me know they looked at my Pinterest clothes for some tips on what to send me. They sent me a pocketbook, a pair of jeans and three tops. I love one of the tops and will be keeping it. The other two tops weren’t my style. The jeans I only liked on my legs and the pocketbook wasn’t me. It’s all good though cause I at least get one item that I really like and I’m good with that.

I highly recommend you do give Stitch Fix a try, remember to give them your Pinterest clothes page link so they can get an idea of what you like. Even if there is only one item in the box that you like from them, that’s okay. That one item is worth the fun in getting a box of clothes delivered to you.


Below is a video of me opening my second box from Stitch Fix and explain how it works: