Spending Mother’s Day with Dad 

You might be thinking to yourself “did I read that title right, spending Mother’s Day with dad? Yes, you read it right. This year I am spending Mother’s Day with my dad. I would gladly spend it with my mom, but she passed away three years ago.

I’m actually spending it with my dad, my husband and our kids, but I figured you would know that. Am I wrong?

I wasn’t planning on celebrating Mother’s Day this year. Not something I care to celebrate much anymore since my mom passed away. Then my dad said he wanted to come up for that weekend so….

Friday while our kids were either in school or at work my husband and I took my dad shopping. He wanted to buy a new laptop so we took him to Walmart. That happened to be the place with the best price. After that we went to Fresh Market and the mall. Friday night we got pizza for supper and that’s that. All in in it was a nice day.

Saturday we went to the Manchester Outlets in Manchester, Vermont. We did some walking. We shopped at our favorite stores. New Balance for sneakers and active wear and the Vermont store for dark chocolate covered pretzels. We had lunch at our favorite place Zoey’s Deli. Did a little more shopping then got Starbucks on our way home.

Sunday – Mother’s Day. The day I haven’t looked forward to celebrating since my mom passed away. The day that was suppose to be the day I celebrate MY mom and call her and let her know how much I love her. That day is today.

Instead my family made today all about THEIR mom, ME. They gave me wonderful presents. Then gave me lots of hugs and told me how much they love me. They took me to eat at the Black and Blue. My youngest even thanked me for having them!
This is the first Mother’s Day since my mom passed away three years ago that it felt like MY Mother’s Day. The day my family celebrates their mom and shows their love for me. They all made me feel special and loved. Something I needed today.