Calories, Protein and Exercise

In the past I have written blogs about exercising. About how I didn’t like how I looked or how much I weighed. About how I made the decision to wake up early in the morning so I could exercise before I did anything else that day. About how the exercises were working for me and making me feel good about myself. About how much I love using the Cize DVD’s with Shaun T.

In this weeks blog I would like to take a look at things from the perspective of how many calories to eat. What to eat and what not to eat. How much protein I try to eat. And the exercises I’m doing to try to get my abs toned.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my weight and my body fat weren’t moving on the scale. I also noticed I wasn’t getting much out of my exercise routine anymore. I wasn’t really sure what to do about either of them. Where the exercise is concerned I talked with a FaceBook friend of mine who is my BeachBody coach. We both agreed on a different routine for me to try. I decided to go for it, but still wasn’t getting the result that I wanted.

At the same time I was reading different statuses from friends on Facebook about how they were eating smaller portions. Eating more fruits and yogurt and protein shakes and all theses different things. I thought I would give some of it a try. So for one week I had fruit and some cheese for my lunches and on other days I had yogurt. I was noticing my weight going down and my body fat was going up. This I didn’t like. So then I decided to try eating only yogurt for my lunches. The only thing that did was give me a nasty stomachache by the end of that week. Then I remembered I can’t eat a lot of dairy.

Mind you during these weeks I ate the same thing for breakfast an English Muffin and whatever I decided to make for suppers. My weight was still going back and forth and my body fat was getting higher. This was making me very upset.

Then I was reminded to forget about what the scale says and what my mind keeps trying to tell me about my weight and looks. That’s when I decided to go back to my normal lunch which happens to be chunky chicken with some cheese on a bread thin. And eating whatever I want. I also changed my exercise program again. This time to Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs. Oh yeah, I also need to remember that my body is not the same as other women’s  bodies nor are theirs like mine. Some women have to watch what they eat and they need to keep their food portions small.

I am the opposite and I pretty much always have been (sorry). I am the type of person who eats when they are hungry and I stop when I am satisfied. No more no less. Or as my husband likes to say I eat to survive where as others like to eat for the fun of it.

I am back to eating my favorite lunch, but I am also trying to get as much protein into my body as possible. I am also watching my calories, drinking as much water as I can and enjoying doing the “Full Body Burn” on Hip Hop Abs. After one week of going back to my normal eating habits I have found my weight is doing better and my body fat is slowing going back down. I have also started to notice a small change in my stomach and abs. All of this makes me happy.

I plan to continue with my exercises as best as I can along with eating as much protein as I can and will continue to watch my calorie intake. I’ve realized I have to do what is right for me and my body. And I am becoming happy with myself again.