Feeling Blessed

This month has felt like a month filled with blessings. There are two particular blessings I would like to share this week:

The first blessing has to do with my book. For the past couple of months my book as been getting sales here and there. This month I have received quite the number of book sales. I have also been asked for some advice on miscarriages and how to deal with them. Now I know I can tweet about my book all I want on Twitter or promote it anywhere else on social media that I want to. Ultimately though I know that ALL my book sales are from God. Without Him I wouldn’t have my sales and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to help other women who are going through their own miscarriages and their own emotional pain. I am truly thankful to God not only for this month but every month before this month for what He has given to me with my book. Also for the future and what He has in store for me with my book. He has allowed me to share my story with others. I pray that He continues to allow me to help others with my book.

My second blessing is my family more specifically my husband. My husband means the world to me. He is my everything. I am so thankful for the Godly man that I have in my husband. He is always been there for me when I need someone to talk to. Someone’s shoulders to cry on. Someone to laugh with. Someone to pray with and so many other things. I have greatly enjoyed watching how the Lord has been working in my husbands life over the last several weeks. I am very proud of my husband. I am thankful for the way he always stands by me. The way he always tells me “good job” when I’ve had a book sale or have been able to help someone. I love the way he gives me that look that says “I love you” without having to even say it. My husband and I are truly a match made in Heaven and I am truly blessed and thankful to God for giving me my husband.