Did You Get Your Drivers License from a Gum Ball Machine?

Today’s blog might sound like a rant about other drivers. Not something I normally do, but today I’m okay with that. Why might you ask? Because lately more often than not the other drivers around me have been driving me crazy (no pun intended)!

So here’s the deal. I know I’m not a perfect driver. Not by far. And yeah like everyone else I tend to go above the speed limit. I know, shame on me. I do my best to obey the speed limit. I slow down when I know I’m in a low speed limit area like thirty-five or forty MPH.  When I’m in a fifty-five speed limit I tend to do about fifty-eight.

My problem is when the drivers in front of me are doing about five to ten miles below the speed limit in a forty and then when we get to a fifty-five speed limit they start doing sixty-five to seventy. Or when someone is behind me and passes me and then goes slower than I am going. What is up with that!

Then there are the times when I drive to my local town. I don’t understand why other drivers insist on cutting me off or going much slower then needed. I do tend to yell out “did you get your license from a gum ball machine!?!” Obviously they can’t hear me from their cars, but it does make me feel a bit better.

Then there are the people–for some strange reason–who love to back out of their driveways when they see me coming. They look both ways. They see me coming and yet they feel the need to back out and go. Seriously-they should wait for me to pass before they do that.

Oh, lets not forget the people who are leaving a grocery store parking lot and don’t bother to look both ways to see if anyone is coming from either direction. That happened to me only yesterday!

Since I live in the country I would like to know, do people out in the country even bother to read the drivers manual? Or do they wing it? I think they should take their road test in a city like Brooklyn and then see how they do. I’m going to guess not so good. I’m still convinced some people or should I say some country folk get their drivers license from a gum ball machine.