Preparing for takeoff

At this time last June my family and I were in Ireland. We had an amazing time! Before we got there we needed to make sure we had everything we needed for our trip. My husband and I decided three weeks before hand to start gathering what we needed that we weren’t using and put it all in a box. The closer we got to our trip the more stuff went into that box. We also made a list of everything we needed and wanted to bring with us. I also like to lay our suitcases down and put our folded clothes on them that we plan to pack. This way I don’t have to go crazy with laundry the week we are flying. This worked out well.

In March of this year we went on our second overseas trip. This time we went to England and France. Once again we had an amazing time. The idea we had for putting everything in a box that we wanted to take with us to Ireland worked so well we decided to do it again for England. And yes we started three weeks before we left again.

That trip to Ireland was also my first trip overseas so I was a nervous wreck. When I say I was nervous, I mean I was NERVOUS ! It was so bad that my stomach was getting sharp pains. I was getting pains in my sides and the right side of my jaw hurt. I was convinced my gums were going to get infected and swell up on me and I was convinced my tooth was going to exploded. If that isn’t bad enough I was scared my husband was going to have to take me to the Hospital.

He kept assuring me none of that was going to happen. He kept telling me it was all nerves. I never did go to the Hospital thankfully. All of the stress and nerves started about three weeks before the day we left and didn’t stop until I got on the plane. The same exact thing happened to me in March. And once again it didn’t end till I was on that plane.

So now we are in June 2017 and I am getting ready for my third overseas trip. I have all my nervous symptoms and I am trying to keep myself relaxed. This is not easy for me! I know once I get on that plane I will be fine. I am super excited again.

By the time you read this blog my nerves will be calm. My stress will be gone and I will be on my second trip to Ireland. Yep, my family and I missed it so much we decided to go back again. Last time we were there for ten days. It’s impossible to see all of Ireland in ten days. So this time we are staying for four weeks. I am looking forward to taking you all on our journey in July. I will be blogging about the different things we see and do. I might even try to do some video blogs if I can figure out how to do them.

  • Lisa M. Prysock

    Hope you have a wonderful time! I look forward to seeing your pictures and/or videos! I have always wanted to go to Ireland, England, and France. I should get busy planning!

    • Kathleen

      Hey Lisa! Sorry just saw this. Thank you for your comment. We are having a great time! I am planning to write a blog each week. I might try a video blog if I can figure that out. Thanks again!