The Differences between Ireland and Upstate NY

For the last five weeks I was in Ireland having a great time. I was walking in and around ruins and castles. I was driving on roads like Conor Pass and eating stuff like brown soda bread and yummy donuts. I was living in a cute little house in Trim, Ireland and using a very small washing machine.

It wasn’t until I got back home last Sunday, August 6th and was driving home from JFK on the New York State Thruway that I really noticed the differences between the two places. When I got home I noticed even more differences!

I didn’t realize how many trees are along the thruway until our drive home Sunday. When I was in Ireland I was getting used to seeing mostly empty fields or fields with sheep.

When I walked into my house it felt massive. I guess I got used to living in a cute small house across from Trim Castle in Ireland.

When I went to do my first load of laundry in my house I couldn’t get over how big my washing machine was. For a minute I was convinced that I could fit in it (haha). In Ireland I used a tiny washing machine. It worked and I was thankful for it, but it was definitely tiny.

I was taking a look at the green grass and trees around my house. Then I thought about the greens of Ireland and knew without a doubt there was no comparison. The green colors of Ireland are so much more greener. Ireland has dark green, light green and even a neon green that I’ve never seen before. It was beautiful. Upstate NY has the color green. That’s about it.

Then there is the food. While I was in Ireland almost every morning I ate one or two slices of brown soda bread with Irish butter and some coffee. Here at home I eat an English Muffin with butter and a cup of coffee. Yeah, I think I prefer the soda bread.

When it came to taking showers I used a small shower stall in the house I was staying in. That house did have a big bath room with a tub and shower head, but it was easier to use the little shower stall in the tiny bathroom near our bedroom. Here at home I’m back to using my shower head in my bathtub. On the bright side I think my hair is appreciating the NY water.

Oh, Lets not forget those donuts I mentioned earlier! Ireland has the biggest and best tasting donuts I ever had. I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I had our doubt the first time we tried the donuts there, but we were pleasantly surprised. I had Boston Cream, Nutella, chocolate ganache and my favorite: jaffa cake donuts. The donuts in NY State don’t compare!

Today I went to our local Stewart’s which is a gas station that also provides coffee, donuts, ice cream and other stuff. I went in to get a cup of coffee and realized I needed to pour a cup for myself. In Ireland the gas stations have coffee machines that I was getting used to. All I had to do was put my cup under the machine, press the button for Americano and the machine poured the coffee. I also got used to using fresh cream in Ireland. Whereas here at home I use half and half. I’m thinking I might start using fresh cream here too.

I almost forgot to mention the mountains! Okay, so both places have mountains, but I have to say there are way more mountains in Upstate NY. And I’d also have to say the mountains in Upstate NY are larger then the ones in Ireland. But the New York mountains lack the castles, cathedral, priories, passage tombs and other ruins that Ireland has.

There are probably many other things that I can compare the difference of–like the shopping malls, restaurants and who knows what else, but I think you have the idea. Without a doubt I miss Ireland, but I suppose I had to come back home to reality. Ireland will always be in my heart and I look forward to going back again some day. Until them I will be enjoying my life in Upstate NY.