Feeling like a Failure

There are so many times when I feel like a failure. I know I’m not a failure, but that doesn’t stop the feeling. It’s a bad feeling too. There is nothing like the feeling of failure to make a person feel down about themselves. I imagine I am not the only person to feel this way at one time or another.

I remember when I was in school not being able to grasp most of my subjects. Seeing all the other kids around me doing well. It got to the point where I finally left school and started working full time as a cashier. It wasn’t until my youngest was close to Kindergarten age that I decided, with the support of my husband to go back to school for my H.S. diploma. It took time, but I finished High School and got that diploma and I felt good about myself. No longer a failure for that!

As the years have gone by I have felt that feeling a failure about other things as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a good enough wife or mom. Sometimes I feeling like I’m not a good enough author. When I try to do something for my husband or my kids and it ends up coming out wrong, I feel like a failure. When I can’t get my books promoted the way I want to, I feel like a failure. When I can’t get the exercise move just right, I feel like a failure.

I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to get things done in just a certain way. And if I don’t get it done right the first time I feel like a failure. I have learned to keep trying. No matter how hard things are I have to keep trying. Cause when I do finally get it right and I know it, that feeling of accomplishment feels so GOOD.

The thing is I’m not a failure. When I sit back and take a look at everything I’ve done I need to realize, I’m not a failure. No matter how I feel at times. I did eventually graduate from High School. I did get married and have a family like I wanted to. I raised my kids with my husband as best as I know how. I did write that first book and then another and yet again another. I did start a blog and got better at it. I have had over four hundred book sales. And my one miscarriages book has been a help to women all over the world. NOW THAT’S SUCCESS!