Is it a Bump or a Tumor

Hearing your doctor say the word tumor when your at your physical is never something you want to hear. And yet I did.

Let’s go back a little shall we. So about two weeks ago now I went for my physical. I figured I should tell my doctor about all that was bothering me physically. I let her know about my pulled muscle, a couple of other things and about the bump on my thigh.

I thought for sure she was going to be more concerned about the pulled muscle, but she wasn’t. She was more concerned about the bump. After some poking and squeezing of the bump she decided an ultrasound was needed to find out what was going on. That’s when the dreaded word “tumor” was mentioned.

I made sure not to show fear of any sort and let her know that on the bright side it didn’t hurt. At least it didn’t until all the poking and squeezing. I also let her know that is the same spot where my dog loves to hit me hard with his tail.

The ultrasound was scheduled for a week and a half later. That was a week and a half filled with worry and stress of the unknown. Thinking of the what if’s. A week and a half of my imagination going wild. It was so bad I was already getting myself prepared for surgery. Yes, my imagination was getting way ahead of the situation. It always does!

So Monday, September 25th was my ultrasound. It was the fastest ultrasound I ever had. Two days later I received my results. Which basically showed not much. You know what this means? It means the next step is an MRI.

So the question still remains. Do I have a bump on my left thigh from who knows what or is it a tumor? The answer as of right now is, I don’t know. I’m hoping and praying it’s only a bump from whatever. At this point it’s a waiting game with different tests to see what’s going on.

I will be sharing another blog when I get more information. Until then I’m praying for this to be nothing more then a bump.

  • Caroline Slee

    I’m so sorry. It’s awful to be in that space – waiting, trying not to worry. I’ve been there before. Best wishes for a completely benign result!

    • Kathleen

      Oh, Hey thank you so much for your comment! I’m doing my best not to worry. Easier said then done. Thanks for reading my post and thank you for your well wishes. I hope all went well for you with yours.