I’ll Take That Challenge

Sometimes taking a challenge isn’t a good idea. Like if someone challenged you to eat a can of worms or something like that. That would be gross and a bad idea. Then there are challenges that you can’t help but to take on.

I was given such a challenge at the beginning of this week. Sunday night my husband was kind enough to remind me that some people from our Church were coming over on Friday night to watch a movie. He asked me if I was up to the challenge of getting our downstairs ready for it. I told him I was.

When he asked me if I was up for the challenge all I could think was “Oh it’s on!” I felt like I was being dared to do the impossible. I know he didn’t mean it that way, but that’s how my brain took it. I was set to prove a point. To make our downstairs look so good my husband would be surprised and shocked at the same time.

Monday I started with my normal cleaning. Trying to get the house back in order from the weekend. Tuesday I focused on the kitchen. When my husband came home Tuesday night he could tell I CLEANED. Wednesday I focused on the living room. I was sweeping, moving furniture, throwing junk out and anything else I could do to clean that room. When he came home that afternoon he could tell I cleaned. He offered to move the couch for me so I could get behind there. I told him I already did it. He look at me and said “ you’re really taking this challenge seriously. I said “you got it!”

By late Thursday afternoon I had our entire downstairs looking good. The floors were swept and mopped. Whatever needed to be thrown out was gone. Everything that needed to be dusted was dusted. It did take him almost two hours to notice one of the areas that I cleaned, but once I heard him say “whoa” I knew he finally noticed. That did put a smile on my face.

I was proud of myself for all that I accomplished in our house this week. I was given a challenge, I accepted it and I got the job done. Now if I can only keep our downstairs looking this good all the time even I will be impressed.

Incase your thinking I have a terrible husband who only cares about how the house looks. Let me assure you that isn’t the case. My husband loves me with all his heart. This I know for a fact. I mean he did take me to Ireland, England and France after all!

Taking this challenge was worth it in the end. Especially when I saw the impressed look on my husband’s face.