I Know What You’re Thinking

I know what you’re thinking is something my husband and I say to each other often. In fact I would say ninety nine percent of the time we do know what each other is thinking. Of course I do have this habit of asking him what it is he thinks I’m thinking. Sure enough he knows what it is!

I love this about our marriage. Sometimes one look is all we need to say “I love you”. One look that says “I don’t feel good” or “I’m upset”. Or even that one special look that says something very intimate.

We can be at our favorite diner with our kids and we only have to look at each other to have our own conversation. Sometimes my husband will raise his eyebrows up and down which makes me laugh. Usually our kids notice and tell us to stop. Apparently they find it a bit embarrassing that their parents still look at each other in that way HA.

And then there are the moments when we see each other from across a room, our eyes connect and we talk with each other with only our eyes. I usually end up smiling too. I love thinking about how much we love each other and how blessed I am to have him for my husband.

After twenty three years of marriage this is a nice thing to be able to do. It’s a special feeling knowing each other so well that we know what the other person is thinking just from one look.