Authors, Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do To You

The other day I was talking with my husband about my books and blog. I was telling him how frustrated I’ve been because I’ve been having trouble coming up with new ways to promote my books and blog. After all I am a one woman show and all I have is me to get the word out there about my stuff. Trying to come up with new tweets for Twitter has been a huge struggle for me lately and the list goes on. I was telling him how nice it would be if other people could help promote my books and blog, but this isn’t something I like asking people to do. It would however be nice if people out of the kindness of their heart did it. You know, to be nice.

That’s when we got talking about a group of Christian ladies who also have books and blogs. I was explaining to him that I like following these ladies on Twitter and on Facebook. I tweet their tweets when I can and I share their blogs on Facebook when I see them go through my feed. Because it’s always nice when Christian woman help each other out.


The problem for me is with this group of ladies it’s kind of like being back in High School–unless you are one of the cool kids you can’t be apart of the group. That’s what it feels like for me. We are all Christian women with books and blogs and yet they won’t give people like me the time of day.  I gladly follow them on Twitter, like their FaceBook pages and share what I can when I can. I would even buy a copy of their books and if I like what I read I write a review on my own blog.

I realize that they aren’t independent authors they are really a company that has writers and is all about promoting their own stuff.  Independent authors don’t have a company behind them. Independent authors help each other out and friend each other on social media whether we are in an elite group or not. In my genre (Christian woman authors) we have so much in common. We are married, have kids (a few or many), we all have our physical and spiritual problems and we all have our books and blogs we want people to read.  The difference is they are a group that is a company and helps each other out and I am all by myself.

I would love to share my testimony with others like these ladies have had the chance to do. I would love to do interviews, podcasts and anything else. I would love to share how God got me through difficult times like my miscarriages.

If it sounds like I’m ranting, I’m not. After talking about this with my husband I got all fired up trying to figure out why ladies like these only help each other out while authors like me are standing alone trying their hardest to get the word out about there books and blog. I’m trying to figure out why we can’t all help each other. After all we are Christian women and it its nice to help each other out.

I really appreciate how independent authors help each other so we don’t only have ourselves. I am very grateful for all those who have retweeted me, bought my books, wrote reviews and shared advice. I am very grateful I’ve been able to do this for other independent authors.

After having this talk with my husband we both agreed I am going to keep doing my best at promoting my stuff. At the same time I will do my best to help other authors promote there books and blogs as well. Not because I have to or want something for it. Because it’s something I enjoy doing and it’s something I’m good at.