My Videos

ALL of my videos can be found on my YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you would like. I think that would be cool.

Below are my videos about my books and my blog:

Me laughing my way through trying to make a video about my Brooklyn/Upstate book

Book Trailer for — Brooklyn Raised / Livin’ Upstate

Talking about Miscarriages — The emotional and physical pains from them……

Book Trailer — Miscarriages My Story


Being an Indie Author:

In this video I talk about what it’s like for me to be an Indie (Independent) author. Hope it helps you.



Your Not Alone:Your Not Alone is my first video ever that I have made on my own. In it I talk a little about me, my books and why I made them. It just over 4 minutes longs. I may sound nervous in this video. That is because it really is my very first video that I have ever made.  I hope you like. 


This next video is the trailer for the first edition of my book Marriages & Miscarriages:One Woman’s Personal Experience. This trailer asks questions that other women maybe be asking and includes some pictures from my books.