CHRISTMAS CARDS sending & receiving

I have loved Christmas cards for many, many, MANY years. Let me explain.

Growing up my mom sent Christmas cards to our family and friends. She also gave to our Church family. I can remember watching my mom as she sat at the Dining room table writing out the cards and addressing them.

I use to ask her what she was doing and with a smile on her face she would say “I’m writing Christmas cards”. 

When she was done I would walk to the post office with her to send the ones to family and friends.

Our Church had its own version of a mailbox for Christmas cards and I would always ask my mom if I could put ours in it. In fact I would ask if I could check to see if there were any for us too. She always said yes to me.

I love checking our home mailbox for Christmas cards too. I always got excited when we received them. Since they were always addressed to Mr & Mrs Angelo Christiano I asked if I could open them before I did.

After I got Married I started sending my own Christmas cards out to family, friends and Church family. My husband and I would buy boxes of Christmas cards at Walmart.

When we started to have a family we sent Christmas photos cards.

For years now I get out my address book and start my Christmas card list. By the way you don’t want to know how many I send out now.

I absolutely love sending out cards. I also love receiving them. From December 1 to Christmas Eve I’m like a little kid checking the mailbox for Christmas cards. And do I get excited when I see those cards in the mail!

Sometimes we get some after Christmas too which always makes me laugh.

This Christmas was no different. I made out my list and we ordered our cards at Walmart. But this year we put pictures from our families first trip to Ireland.

I mailed out the cards to family and friends and I handed out the cards to our Church family. And yes I still get excited when I see those Christmas cards in our mailbox!