An Unexpected Blessing

Last Sunday night while sitting in bed with my husband I started a conversation with him. We have some of our best conversations in bed. Anyway, I was telling him about my book sales or should I say lack there of. I was sharing with him how I haven’t had a book sale in a while. It didn’t seem to matter how much I promoted my books I couldn’t get a sale.

After our talk I checked Facebook because I knew my friend Darlene had tagged me in something and I wanted to find out what it was.  After I started to read her status I quickly realized she was talking about miscarriages and she was sharing my miscarriages book on her business Facebook page: Time-Warp Wife . I couldn’t believe my eyes! This dear friend of mine was not only sharing my book but she was promoting it on HER page. I was so overwhelmed I had tears in my eyes. I turned to my husband and said to him “I’ve just been blessed”. He wanted to know what I was talking about so I showed it to him on my iPad.

As I looked further down I noticed all the comments  from other women who have had their own miscarriages. I started reading through them and replied as best as I could. Either letting them know how sorry I was or letting them know how much I understood their feelings. Many of these women said they wanted to buy a copy of my book. I thought that was pretty cool, but at the same time I didn’t want to expect anything. I was just so grateful that my friend shared about my book on her page.

Monday morning came around and I started promoting my weekly blog. After I was done with that I decided to check the Time-Warp Wife page to see if my book that she had shared might have been shared by other women. It had! I was completely surprised at how many “likes” and share that post on my book had.

I really wanted to check my book sales at that point but was afraid of being disappointed by seeing none. So I didn’t look just yet. Not long after that my husband sent me a message to let me know he updated my book sales spreadsheet and he told me I should really take a look.

With me trying to not get my hopes up I took a look. And OH was I surprised! I didn’t have just one book sale on that miscarriages book, I had many sales. I was in complete shock. I was thanking God for His wonderful blessing that He gave to me through Darlene and her page with all these book sales. I was freaking out all day Monday watching my book sales go up,watching my rank on amazon go up and seeing the posts my husband shared every time my books ranking went up. After that I shared a quick video of me going crazy thanking Darlene for sharing about my book and thanking God for these sales.

I have been praying since Monday that God will use my book to help all these women who have bought a copy. By the way my books full title is — Marriages & Miscarriages: One Woman’s Personal Experience. I also have a second edition titled — Miscarriages My Story. I made the second edition because I added a new chapter called “Why Me”? in hopes of answering that question.

I should also mention if you have never been to Darlene’s Time-Warp Wife page you should really go check it out. She has great blogs on women’s Bible studies and more. If you are familiar with her page then you already know it’s worth checking out and liking.

Darlene and I have been FB friends for a couple of years now. A friendship I am thankful that God put together. It’s nice to know we can go to each other and ask for advice when it comes to writing tips, publishing books, how often to share a blog, best ways to get people to read your blogs and so forth.