There’s a New Bagel Place in Town!

I absolutely love bagels! More importantly I love Brooklyn bagels. This makes sense since I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As far as I’m concerned no other city makes bagels like Brooklyn.

I can remember when I was dating my husband. One of the weekends he came to visit me in Brooklyn he wanted to know what I was going to eat one Saturday morning. When I told him a plain bagel with cream cheese he gave me this look like “what are you talking about”? I told him to just wait until my mom got back from the bagel store and he would understand. When she got back I showed him a bagel and he couldn’t believe how big it was.

From that point on my husband agreed Brooklyn bagels are the absolute best.

I’ve been living in Upstate NY for twenty-two years now and I am always looking for a good Brooklyn bagel up here. Most places that say they have Brooklyn style bagels are usually only okay tasting for me and my husband.

About a week or so ago a friend of ours told us about this bagel place that opened up in Amsterdam, NY called  — Bread from Brooklyn. She suggested we give it a try so we did.

Last Saturday my husband and I took our girls to this place to see if they really did have Brooklyn bagels. When we first walked into Bread from Brooklyn we could smell the bagels and OH what a wonderful smell it was. This place doesn’t just have Brooklyn bagels though. They have Italian bread, muffins, donuts, Italian cookies, pretzels, black and white cookies and more.

We bought a half dozen bagels, a pretzel for my youngest daughter and two black and white cookies. My little girl who absolutely loves pretzels from the vendors in NYC and Brooklyn gave this pretzel a thumbs up and said it was very good.

I love black and white cookies, but every time I buy one from a store up here or a bakery they are never the same as the ones from Brooklyn. So when I tried the one from — Bread from Brooklyn, Oh man was that good. I mean that was so good it was definitely from Brooklyn.

When we got home that Saturday we put some cream cheese on the bagels and started eating them. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This place definitely has Brooklyn bagels! Now as far as I am concerned the best bagels in Brooklyn come from the Bagel Boy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but these bagels from — Bread from Brooklyn they are very good. I will definitely be going back for more. It’s nice to know that there is finally a bagel place that isn’t far from me that truly has Brooklyn bagels.

If you noticed the pictures I posted in this blog you will see that one of the black and white cookies already had a couple of bites taken out of it. I couldn’t wait to try one so I ate some of it in our car on our way home. Also my son has some big hands. The picture with the bagel in my sons hand show how big these bagels are.

We also got to meet the owner of Bread From Brooklyn Angelo Bonsignore he is a nice man from Brooklyn.

Nice job Bread from Brooklyn!



  • Onisha Ellis

    It’s always fun to discover food from home. Enjoy those bagels.

    • Kathleen

      Thanks! Looking forward to getting more. 🙂