Ice Cream: Hard vs Soft

Some of you are probably wondering why I am writing a blog about ice cream in March. Your probably thinking it’s to early in the season to be thinking about going to the soft ice cream stands. I almost didn’t write about ice cream until my husband checked to see when the ice cream places open and it turns out that a bunch of them open this weekend. So you see I’m actually right on time!

I’ve been thinking about my mom this week and how she use to take me for ice cream whether it was Winter or Summer. So this seemed like a fitting blog for this week.

When I was little my mom use to take me to Carvel for ice cream. Sometimes we went to Baskin Robbin’s, but for the most part I think we went to Carvel. I would always get the same thing two scoops of hard chocolate ice cream in a cone with different colored sprinkles. In the Summer time we would walk to Carvel. I don’t remember how away it was from our house, but I do remember it always being a fun walk with my mom. In the Winter my mom would sometimes surprise our family and bring the ice cream home. We always enjoyed that treat.

I don’t remember buying gallons of ice cream for our house growing up. Couldn’t tell you why, I just don’t remember having it. That might be the reason why I loved when we got Carvel.

The first Summer that I was married to my husband we went for soft ice cream with some friends of ours. They couldn’t believe that I never had soft ice cream before. It was true though. Staying true to my taste buds I would always get a small soft chocolate cone with different colored sprinkles.  I have to say I really liked the way that soft ice cream tasted!

I remember telling my mom about that soft ice cream and asking her why I never had it growing up. She told me Carvel did have it, but I didn’t want any. I remember thinking “how about that!”

These days I like both! In the Winter my family likes to have hard ice cream in the house. I’ve even extended my taste buds to mocha flavored ice cream and mint cookie crumble. In the Summer time we like going for soft ice cream.  This still remains to be chocolate ice cream with different colored sprinkles for me.

I wonder how many people like hard ice cream and how many like soft ice cream. Do they like both. Do they only like one. Are people as crazy as I am and willing to go to a soft ice cream stand at the end of March when it’s still cold out and possibly snow on the ground.

I would love to hear you opinions. Hard ice cream? Soft ice cream? Both? Or is it possible for it to be neither?


Here is the schedule for many of the ice cream place openings in our area.