Eavesdropping Over Breakfast

 My family and I have this thing where we like to listen to other people’s conversations while we are eating out for breakfast.

Some people might consider this to be more of a problem rather than a thing. I prefer to call it a thing. I can’t tell you why we do this. I only know that we do it. Perhaps you do it as well. 

It’s an interesting way to find out a persons religion, politics, likes and dislikes, where their going, where they were and things you wish you didn’t hear at all!

So why eaves drop then? I really couldn’t say. It’s just something we do out of habit I guess. We usually only do it when we are eating breakfast at our favorite diner. Maybe we do it because it’s hard to resist.

Sometimes we find ourselves doing it at other places too. I have to say we do get some laughs out of some of the things we have heard. Some things are weird. Some of the things we have heard make our eyebrows go up and our eyes pop out of our heads. 
I imagine to some people eaves dropping would be considered rude. Maybe their right. We do have a talent for it and I think people never know we are doing it. 

Although I guess after reading this blog some people will know now. Oh well. 

  • Cecelia Lester

    To me. what you d.o could be called a form of people-watching. I like to people-watch. Due to some tinnitus, I I don’t do very well with listening in. Peace be with you and yours

    • Kathleen

      Hi Cecelia,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I tend to people-watch too. lol