Food Flashbacks 

Do you ever walk up and down the aisles of a grocery store looking at food? Do you stop at one particular item and think “hey I haven’t had those in years!” Or does the food remind you of something your mom used to buy?

What about vacations? Have you ever gone on a vacation had some really good food. Then one day while driving or doing whatever you all of a sudden want that food.
This weekend that happened with my oldest daughter and myself. So this is what happened.

Friday we were at Walmart. We were looking for pretzels and all of a sudden she asked for “Nana” pretzels. I had no idea what she was talking about so naturally I asked, what are Nana pretzels? She explained to me that when she was growing up her Nana (my mom) would bring Snyders buttersnap pretzels to our house and she would share them.

Those pretzels become a fond food memory of my daughters just like Italian cookies became “Nana” cookies to my daughter. I almost cried in the store when my daughter explained herself.

On Saturday a similar thing happened to me. My husband and I had some time to ourselves Saturday night and we were hungry so we went out. He asked me what I wanted. I thought about it and then I got thinking about the Shepherd’s Pie I had in a little town in England while we were on vacation.
I told him I would love that. We found an “Irish” pub not to far from us and I had the Shepherds Pie. Well the American version of it anyway. It wasn’t anywhere near as good, but the memories were there. It also made me miss that little town in England. I’m thinking the fish and chips would have been better. Then I would have missed Ireland. I’m thinking that would have been a loose – loose situation.

My husband and I agreed–Americans trying to cook Irish and English food is just as funny as the Irish and English trying to make American food. (I don’t recommend a hamburger in Ireland.)

This was definitely a weekend for remembering good tasty food and trying to eat some of it. I’m also thankful my daughter has good memories of her Nana.

  • Cecelia Lester

    Because I have to follow a gluten-free diet, I have to come up with creative ways to enjoy some of my favorite meals. I purchase gluten-free English muffins and have used them for making pizza. I have this idea for making egg muffins from them. When we go to the store again, I will be looking for Canadian bacon to put with the egg.

  • I have fond memories of foods from my childhood and even young adulthood that we no longer eat for health reasons. Unfortunately we’ve learned so much about food in these last decades I’ve had to get rid of most of the cookbooks in my collection.

    • Kathleen

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I just saw your comment. Thanks so much for it. That’s sad that you had to get rid of most of your cook books. Other then not being able to eat spicy foods and anything having to do with peanuts I eat pretty much whatever I want. Thanks again for your comment!