Pool vs Beach

I was having a lot of trouble coming up with this weeks blog. I asked my husband if he had any ideas and he couldn’t come up with anything either.

Then yesterday (Saturday) while my daughter was swimming she suggested I write a blog post on swimming. I told her I didn’t think anyone would care to read a blog about swimming.

While I watched her I started to think about when I was growing up. How much I loved the pool, but didn’t care much for the beach. Then I remembered how my husbands family thinks a lake with some sand is considered a beach. That got me wondering. What do people like better the pool or the beach.

You see growing up we didn’t have a pool. Wait I take that back! We had a pool for a brief time one Summer until we found out our landlord was allergic to chlorine. That was the ONLY Summer we ever had a pool.

Anyway! Other than that Summer the only times I got to swim in a pool was on vacation or at my uncle’s house on Long Island. My mom would take me to Coney Island beach once or twice. We always had a nice time, but man were those beach days hot.

After I got married my husband and I would go to the “beach” with his family. Really it was a lake. I would go in the water with them, but in all honesty I didn’t like it.

After years of being married my husband finally agreed to buying a Walmart above ground pool for our family. It was nice, but they don’t last long. About three years ago we bought a real above ground pool with a heater. I love this pool!

I still don’t care for the beach. I don’t mind going to the lake every once in a while. But I will forever be a pool girl. What about you? Do you like the pool or do you prefer the beach?

  • Tricia Allen Ricotta

    I definitely prefer the pool for swimming. I love going to the beach (and by beach I mean the OCEAN) and walking on the sand. Planting myself in a nice beach chair under an umbrella with ocean breezes is nice too. If I get overly warm I may wander into the ocean up to my waist and get wet but then I’m going back to my beach chair. If I want to swim I want a pool. I don’t have a heater on my pool but it is my happy summer spot. I know pools are a luxury in upstate NY where our swim season is so short but to me it’s totally worth it. 🙂

    • Kathleen

      LOL thanks so much for your comment, Tricia! I understand what you mean by the beach being the ocean. Coney Island beach goes right into the Atlantic. That’s the beach my mom took me to when I was a kid. I think the only part about the beach I ever liked was lying down on my beach towel and getting a tan. I am loving our pool. When I’m not swimming in it I lay down on my beach chair and get a tan there. 🙂

      • Tricia Allen Ricotta

        Well i don’t tan much was blessed with pasty white skin that burns and freckles mostly but I do enjoy the sun anyway. I also enjoy SPF 30 to SPF 50 to prevent the redness and pain that prolonged sun exposure can do to my pasty skin. I am not a huge fan of sand, so when I do go to the beach I don’t want to lay on a towel I want a chair, and my pasty whiteness wants an umbrella. I am high maintenance! LOL

        • Kathleen

          LOL I was blessed with olive colored skin thanks to my dad’s Italian family. I generally tan. I don’t like the sand either, but since I haven’t been to the beach or lake in years I’m ok.