Never Enough Bears!

As far as I’m concerned there are never enough bears. Whether it be the animal, a teddy bear, a painting, a figurine or anything else you can think of.

One time one of my brother-in-laws asked me if I knew bears are dangerous animals. I told him I knew that, but they are still my absolute favorite animal.

When I say my absolute favorite animal that’s exactly what I mean. Sure other animals are cute, but none of them compares to the bear. Not by far!

Not to far from where I live bears have been seen. I wish I was the one spotting them. Sadly I’m not. Whenever my family and I are driving in an area where there could be bears I’m the one looking for them. I never spot one–which makes me sad.

If you could see our house you would see how much I love bears. I have many teddy bears most of which are stored away. But some of the special ones are in my bedroom. We have bear figures in our dining room and in our downstairs bathroom. We have wooden bears outside our house. AND the bathroom my husband and I use is all bear themed.

OH, yeah even our furniture has bears on it. If I could I would gladly have a bear. Yeah, I know that’s silly, but I still wish I could. People who REALLY know me know how much I love bears. Those people tend to tag me on Facebook with bear photos and sightings. I always appreciate that.

Maybe one day I’ll get to see a bear while driving or while my husband is driving. In the mean time I will continue to love bears and collect figures and whatever else bear related that catches my eye.