I’m Not Luck to Have My Husband

“You’re a lucky woman”. “You’re lucky to have a husband like that”. “You’re so luck to have a husband who takes you to Europe”. “You’re lucky to have a husband who tells you to get out of the house and shop”. “You’re lucky your husband is willing to pay for your dad’s train ticket”. “You’re lucky”.

You have no idea how often I hear people tell me how lucky I am to have my husband. They think I’m lucky because of all of the above that I wrote and more. Normally I smile and say “I know” or I say “I’m not lucky I’m blessed.”  Only yesterday I was on the phone with a good friend of mine and she said “You really lucked out with a guy like your husband treating you so well.”

Here’s the thing. I’m not lucky. I truly am blessed to have my husband as my husband. He does love me and he loves to give me everything and anything. He loves to treat me like a queen every chance he gets. He loves to give me stuff just cause. I mean the man brings me home chocolate and Starbuck’s when he knows I’m having a bad day.

This might sound strange to some people, but I believe the reason why I am blessed to have a husband who loves me as much as my husband does, is because before I met him I prayed. I asked God to bring that one special man into my life for me to marry. I promised God in that prayer that I wouldn’t date any guys until he brought that one special man into my life. I didn’t care how long it took. I was willing to wait. It did take a bit, but the Lord heard my prayers and He answered them.

Now you might be thinking how in all the world would I know when I met the right guy. The guy God chose for me instead of dating a bunch of guys to try to figure out which one was the right one. Easy I trust my God. I knew He had that special person for me. And my husband was well worth the wait. He is my perfect match in every way possible.

I waited. God saw my faith and trust in Him. He blessed me with my husband. I’ve been blessed above and beyond with my marriage as well. My husband and I have been married for almost twenty four years now so I would definitely say I have truly been blessed by God. I pray that my love for my husband continues to grow with each year. And I will continue to be thankful for the blessing I’ve been giving with my husband.

So, I’m not lucky to have my husband I’m blessed!