HAIR: Curly, Straight, Natural or Colored

Have you ever noticed how girls with curly hair want straight hair? Or how girls with straight hair want curly hair? You never hear a girl say “I love my straight hair” or “ I love my curls”.

What you do see though are girls either buying hair straighteners or curling irons. Or they go to the beauty parlor and pay tons of money to get one or the other done. Girls seem to never be satisfied with the hair they are given.

I admit for years I was the same way. I have naturally curly hair. But for the longest time it annoyed me. I thought straight hair was nicer. So I too bought a hair straightener. It would take me an hour to get my hair straight and then I had to make sure I did it on a day that wasn’t raining. You see with my hair one drop of rain would undo that hour it took for me to straighten my hair. After a while I gave up and decided to go with my natural curls. In fact I decided to embrace it.

One morning after washing my hair I decided to see how my hair would air dry without putting it in a ponytail. It turned out my hair completely and slowly curled all on its own. It looked great and I received more comments on my curly hair then I ever did on my straight hair. Go figure!

If that’s not enough you also have girls who either like their natural hair color or girls who like to dye their hair. So often you will see brunettes with blonde roots or blondes with dark roots. This I don’t get. Why when you have one hair color would you want to be the other? Then you have highlights which I will admit I had done to my own hair twice. After that I decided that was enough.

Of course you also have women who refuse to let their gray hairs show, so they cover them up. That can get expensive! When it comes to gray hairs, for me, I say go natural. I always tell people if it was good enough for my mom, it’s good enough for me!

I know there are women who refuse to let their gray hairs show. They think it looks awful or they think it makes them look old. But, you know I’ve seen women with gray hair and they look beautiful. I’ve even been told it looks nice on me.

These are all only my opinions. Personally I think women should be happy with what they have, whether that be curly or straight hair. Brunette, blonde or gray. Enjoy it and embrace it. After all it is apart of who YOU are!

  • Cecelia Lester

    I have done all the things you talked about. Blonde, Frosted Blonde, Red, Brown with Red highlights (to cover the gray.) I started the frostings to cover the gray. I went with the red because my natural color looked drab. A few years ago I started having reactions to the hair dye. We went to another form of application, The reactions got worse. Lately, I have had temporary color (color mousse) until this last hair cut appointment. I might not get any more colored mousse at the salon because it doesn’t go well when I apply it at home. Just my thoughts.

    • Kathleen

      I imagine the cost to keep up with that must start to add up.

  • Kathy Bean

    I love my hairs’ natural waves and curls. I do color it the as close to the color it was naturally, a few moons ago, though. PS lucky for me our daughter-in-law is a hairdresser, and she does it in exchange of my watching our granddaughter.

    • Kathleen

      You always do have nice hair. That’s a nice exchange!