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Kathleen Smith was born and raised in Brooklyn New York in an Irish Italian family. She currently lives in Upstate New York with her husband and children.

Good-bye Brooklyn, Hello Upstate tells the story of how she grew up and ended up moving upstate. It tells a personal story about life, loss and love.

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In the early 70s and 80s, Brooklyn, NY seemed like the perfect place to live for a little girl who could never imagine living ‘upstate’ in the country. Family vacations, helping out her parents, and learning to live through change gave way to the biggest change yet–livin’ upstate and starting a family of her own.This is a snapshot of one girls life as she changes into a woman and a mother and eventually experiences the lose of her own mother.


Brooklyn Raised / Livin’ Upstate


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In this revised edition of my book Miscarriages: My Story, I have added a new chapter titled “Why Me”. In this chapter I share my thoughts on why women go through having miscarriages. More specifically why I think I went through my 3 miscarriage. I also changed the title of the last chapter in my book. I explain the reasons for doing so in that chapter.


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Miscarriages My Story 

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A quick moment of encouragement, a little piece of information you may not know. Something to brighten your day or tug at your emotions.

Enjoy this book from cover to cover or pick a different chapter to encourage you for the day.

In her blog, “Hey You” Kathleen shares her thoughts and little moments in life. Now you can read them in paperback at your leisure.

















For more information about my book please visit my books website. My book is available on the kindle nook iPad iPod iPhone and paperback . You will also find a sample chapter from my book on my books website.

Although my book is about how I got through my miscarriages and can help other women & their husbands get through their own miscarriages I also wrote a Chapter for women who for whatever reason can not have any kids at all.

In my book I share how I got through 3 miscarriage. I share how I used my miscarriage to make my marriage stronger. I also share how I used them to strengthen my relationship with God. I also share my husbands feelings which might surprise some people.

Also my book would be able to help women who have never gone through a miscarriage to better understand women who have.

I have been told that reading my book is like sitting down and having a conversation with me. I like that!

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