Sample Chapter “Good-bye Brooklyn Hello Upstate”

Church Family

Going to Church is great. Having a Church family is even better. I really love my Church family. It isn’t the same as having a regular family, like being related to your parents, your sister, your brother or what have you. At the same time they are your brothers and sisters, in Christ. I love the way my Church family gets together, in good times and in bad times. If somebody needs something, there is always someone willing to help out any way they can. Sometimes it’s with a simple prayer. Sometimes it’s a smile that can make our day. Sometimes we need to talk to someone about a problem and that someone is ready to listen.

I’m thankful that in my Church family we are very close knit. Sometimes I think I’m closer to this family than my own real family. Meaning brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and all that.

You know, I’m ok with that because I see my Church family so much more often. It’s always so nice when I can get together with my Church and have a fellowship dinner. Or even get together with just one or two families and have a great time talking and laughing.

It’s also really nice to know they are there for me in sad times. Like when there was a loss in my family. My Church family was praying for me every day. They were praying for my family every day. Some of my friends from my Church would ask me, “How are you doing?” or they would ask, “How is your dad doing”? I would keep them informed. When my mom passed away it was touching to know that my friends from my Church were there for me. Some of them wanted to give me hugs and let me know how sorry they were. It was so nice to hear them tell me what a lovely lady my mom was and at the same time it made me cry. My mom, as usual, managed to touch the lives of these people, even though she only met them briefly.

My Church family is just that my Church family. They are more than that at the same time. They are my extended family. Like any other family, they at times annoy me. Somebody might say something I disagree with. At the same time, I might say something that they disagree with. We can sometimes get on each others nerves. The great thing is though, we are also willing to apologize to each other when we’ve realized we hurt someone’s feelings.

I’m very thankful for my Church family. I’m thankful that we can have a great time with each other, fooling around and laughing with each other. I’m also thankful for those still, quiet times when we are praying for each other or with each other. I’m thankful for those times when there is a special being sung by a family or a mother and her son. Those specials allow me to sit there and enjoy what I’m listening to. It allows me to think about how good God is to me.

So at the end of the day I think it’s pretty safe to say: my Church family really isn’t just my Church family. They are my family. They may not be my physical family but they are my family and I love them. I’m thankful for them.

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