2016 It’s Been Quite the Year!

It’s hard to believe another year is almost done, but it is. And what a year 2016 was!

Let’s break it down by each month, shall we.

January was a pretty ordinary month I’d say. My family did all our normal stuff. My husband went to work. The kids went to school and I kept up with our house, promoting my books and blog. I also took my son to his basketball games and my husband and I went to all his games. You can read about my son and his basketball game in another blog.

February started out with a huge scare for our family. Something we didn’t expect to happen. On February 1st my husband had a heart attack. I won’t  go into a lot of details here. What I will say is after his heart attack he had quadruple bypass surgery on February 5th.  The was one very stressful week. Probably more so on me than my husband. You can read all about his heart attack, surgery and recovery in a 3 part blog series I wrote.

March was a month full of my husband home recovering from his surgery. It was also a month where I got to spend lots of precious time with him. Oh yeah it was also my husband’s birthday. We were happy to celebrate it this year. Or we were till my son started to not feel good when we went out to eat that night. Instead of eating out and going to a play we ended up in the Hospital. It turned out my son was dehydrated. Apparently all those times I told him to drink water so he wouldn’t dehydrate he didn’t listen. Teenagers!

April was the month my husband went back to work. Something he was looking forward to and something I was dreading. I was used to him being home with me and doing stuff with him. As much as I knew he needed to get back to a normal routine for me it was heartbreaking. I literally cried the day he went back to work. That might sound silly, but I loved spending that time with him and helping me recover.

May must have been an ordinary month because I don’t remember that month. I know we were slowly getting ready for vacation. And the kids were in school and all that. But other than that I think it might have been a boring month.

June was an exciting month! Right after school was done for the year all 5 of us went on our first overseas trip to Ireland. It was awesome! We went to as many places as we could. Took lots and lots of pictures. We saw the area of Armagh where my mom’s dad’s family started. And we got to meet my friend for the first time. You can read more about our trip to Ireland in that blog.

July we celebrated our youngest daughter’s birthday. She had her first sleepover pool party with her best friend. They had a great time together. We also celebrated the 4th of July and we helped out at our Churches booth at our local County Fair. At the end of July my husband and I celebrated our anniversary (22 years). We spent that weekend in NYC. We ate at an Irish pub and an English restaurant. We went to see Jersey Boys and did a lot of walking. You can read more about that in my anniversary blog.

August was my birthday and our oldest daughter’s birthday. We went to Maine and Prince Edward Island for my birthday. Something my oldest daughter and I have wanted to do for years! You can read more about that in my PEI blog.

September was the month where school started back up. It was a busy month for me because I was busy getting my fourth book self published. This book is a compilation of a bunch of my blog posts from over the years. I decided to put them into a book for people who like to read, but don’t like to read on their computers. You can find this book along with my other books on my books page. It was also the month I decided to start getting up early so I could exercise before I took my daughter to school. I started using the Cize DVD’s by Shawn T. I have seen great results and am still doing them. You can read more about that in my exercise blog.

October was my son’s birthday month. Since he didn’t want anything this year it was a pretty boring month.

November was Thanksgiving. My dad came to visit us for Thanksgiving weekend from Brooklyn. We kept him busy by going to as many places that we could. We had a good time with him. This was also the first Thanksgiving that we have gone out for that day in quite a few years.   Instead we were invited to our Pastors house and we had a good time. The food was yummy. The games were fun.

December the last month of the year! So now we are in December. It’s been a busy month, I’d say. We went to our Church’s Christmas program and our daughter’s school Christmas program. It’s taken my husband and I longer to get our Christmas presents shopping done this year. But we did get it done. We finished buying the last present on Christmas Eve. We even bought stuff or our dog Yogi a coonhound mix.

Today is Christmas Eve. Tonight we will go to our Church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service. After that we will go over to our Pastors house for a party. When we get home we will hand out the stockings and we will see what goodies are in then.

Sunday is Christmas Day. We will most likely get up early. Open presents and then get ready for Church. This is our first year of it being just the 5 of us at home for Christmas. It will be a very different Christmas for sure.

So that was my family’s 2016 and like The title says it’s been quite the year!